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Photo of Logs

Logs, logs and more logs.† What could possibly be interesting about a bunch of logs?† Well, to be honest I really don't know, but if nothing else, it's an easy subject to snap a photo of...

These logs are really straight forward.† Firstly notice that the sun is off to the left, behind the camera, generally that will help avoid all the annoyance of reflection on the lens etc.† It also gives you the opportunity to get that crisp deep blue sky, as you can see in this picture.Photo of Logs

However, you may be fooled.† This picture is not "straight up".† It was shot using a polarizer filter.† A polarizer filter basically removes reflections.† The polarizer is a key ingredient to get the deep blue sky and also the browns of the logs.† Without it the picture would be much more bland, the logs whiter and the sky more blasŤ.† You will notice however that the shadows are completely black as indicated in the histogram by the sharp rise on the complete left, i.e. underexposed.† However, I don't mind the underexposure given that the other colors are good.

Apart from that the only thing to note is a bit of composition.† The sky occupies roughly 1/3 of the frame, the logs occupy roughtly 3/5.† One might think that the sky and gravel should occupy the same amount of space, but there wasn't much more gravel to show, as there's a road just in front.† Cutting the sky more would not be acceptable.† An alternative is to cut the gravel out completely, that could also work.

I guess something green in front wouldn't hurt, maybe a houseplant?

Histogram for photo of logs


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