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All over the world people express their love for each other in a variety of ways.  As a photographer you may find it challenging to capture this love Picture of Love Padlockin a way that others willl recognize.  All-time favourites are the fond kiss, two hands interlocking and the classic above all: a couple looking into the sunset from a beach of a hill.  While these are all great manifestations I tend to prefer dead stuff, somehow it seems more permanent, so here are a couple of love padlocks for you to chew on...

Love padlocks are a fascinating fenomenon found in a variety of places around the world, from the high hills of China, to the bridges of Moscow in Russia.  The pair depictred here are from Tampere, Finland.  While such love-locks exploded in popularity in Europe around the year 2000, the fenomenon started much earlier.  In Serbia women, having heard the story of schoolmistress Nada who lost her great love Relja to a Greek femme fatal from Corfu during World War 1 and died in sorrow as a consequence, started padlocking their love to fences to ensure that this would not happen to them.

I found these two padlocks among many on a bridge in Tampere which caught my eye.   The colors of the top left one in contrast to thte commonness of the yellow metal shine kind of caught my eye.   The picture is "straight on" primarily to give the sense that these padlocks break away from the dull greyness of "everyday life" here symbolized by the fence and the grey water below.  Another angle would have given a bright blue sky as a backdrop, which would have given a somewhat different overall impression.

Technically speaking this picture is as simple as can be, the colors are mid-tones whcih your camera's meter will easily pick out.  A bit of reflection on the padlock to the right is the only slight challenge.  Meter either average or spot on the yellow of the padlock to the left will give you the right effect.

So good luck R&J and Susanne and Jani, and good luck to all photorookies in their chase for love padlocks around the world.





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