Photo Analysis Sydney Opera House

Photo of Sydney Opera House RoofThe Sydney Opera House is probably the most well-known opera house in the world.† The unique architecture is a goldmine for any photographer interested in architecture.† With a unique combination of curves, huge glass windows and a location that any hotel entrepreneur would envy, the Sydney Opera House is a must for anyone who can get there....

Tutorial Choosing the Right Digital SLR

Digital SLR CamerasChoosing a digital SLR can be a daunting task.† In general, the more you read, the less likely you are to make an objective decision.† Quite honestly, when it comes to these things you'll very quickly fall back on some sort of emotional response to the design of a particular camera, or a recommendation by someone you admire or just a nice sample picture.† This tutorial will give you the basics you need to make an informed decision, but it won't tell you which particular camera to buy, that, after all, is up to your heart's desire...

Photologue Thai Budhist Temple

Large Budhist Statue Budhist temples are, like any temple or church really, ripe with great photo opportunities that are there for your taking.† Whether your interest is the religious medition, the fantastic statues and ornamentation, or the contrast between the sophisticated and the simple, Thailand's Budhist Temples will give any photo-enthusiast a lot to play around with.† On a recent trip to Thailand I tried my hand at two of these religious sites...

Tutorial Lenses

Lens tutorial imageLenses determine more than anything else the technical quality of a photograph.† While it is possible to take interesting pictures with any type of camera and lens, the sharpness of the image is, at the end of the day, determined primarily by the quality of the lens.† The lens decides how close you have to get to your subject, it decides how large the angle of view will be, it decides how sharp your picture will be, the severity of optical distortions† and of course how much you'll have to carry around.† This tutorial helps you understand the basics so you know what you're looking at.

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