Photo Analysis: Butterfly Hiding

Photo of butterfly hiding

From bees, or flies (yes the bee in my previous photo analysis was a fly, not a bee), to butterflies. Many of the challenges are the same, and many of the solutions also, but since this particular picture was taken in a tropical garden there are a couple of extra challenges that you will be familiar with if you've ever tried, and if you haven't, here's how to avoid a couple of pitfalls...

Photo Analysis Bee

Photo of bee on flower

Insects are one of my personal favourite subjects to photograph. One of the reasons why insects are fun is perhaps that they are so alien. When you get close enough, and you get a good shot then you are almost always surprised by how different they really are to mammals. If an insect were two meters tall you would generally consider it an alien in appearance. With a macrolens or a photo lens you can really get this difference onto the frame...

Photo Analysis: Logs

Photo of Logs

Logs, logs and more logs. What could possibly be interesting about a bunch of logs? Well, to be honest I really don't know, but if nothing else, it's an easy subject to snap a photo of...

PhotoAnalysis: Winter Landscape

IPhotograph of Winter Landscape with Snowt's winter time in some parts of the world, and among the fiew positives of this cold season is the opportunity to take pictures of landscapes filled with snow. While this is a great way to pass the time till Spring, it poses some challenges that you won't find during spring and summer. This photo analysis might help you avoid a couple problems....

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