Photographing that Indoor Christmas

Christmas HollySo it's that time of year where you fill your house with various strange ornaments such as a tree, shiny little stars, candy, silver, children, aunts, grandads and the lot. Everything is probably already set (right?), so all you really need to do now is ensure that you immortalize the event so that you can look back at it in future years and say "hey, what a fabulous Christmas that was". Unfortunately this is where things usually go terribly wrong with dark patches, vampire pale skin and red eyes, scared rabbit looks and general annoyance with you as a photographer. Don't worry, that's why this little guide is here to help you get the most out of your nifty little digital camera, whether low-end or high-end, and still enjoy your Eggnog or Gluehwein, turkey or pork.

Tutorial Composition 1-2-3

Composition is arguably the single most important aspect of photography. The other candidate is light measurement, but as cameras are always getting better at measuring light, this is not the right place to start for a real photorookie. While composition is very much a subjective aspect of photography, there are several tried-and-tested techniques that you should be familiar with.

Countdown to Christmas

ChristmasSantaWe're deep into December, and as I was running around shopping centers this afternoon to find the last presents for family. I'm early this year, and am actually done with the buying for now, but I still can't help that uniquely christmassy feeling. You know, the one where you feel that time is running out. There's a big clock ticking its way down to zero and whether you open presents on the evening of the 24th or the morning of the 25th, that's one deadline you don't want to miss.

As for this picture, there's nothing extraordinary about it, but it combines a rather plump santa with a rather large clock, and I can't think of anything more fitting for the season. It's from the yearly christmas market held in Manchester City, United Kingdom.

What The Duck

I just discovered the wonderful photography cartoon What The Duck. You'll find it on, and I'll be including the updates as they come along, enjoy :=)

What the Duck

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