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Photo Analysis Love Padlocks E-mail

All over the world people express their love for each other in a variety of ways.  As a photographer you may find it challenging to capture this love Picture of Love Padlockin a way that others willl recognize.  All-time favourites are the fond kiss, two hands interlocking and the classic above all: a couple looking into the sunset from a beach of a hill.  While these are all great manifestations I tend to prefer dead stuff, somehow it seems more permanent, so here are a couple of love padlocks for you to chew on...

Photo Analysis Bug on Paper E-mail

Summertime is a great time for bugs of all sorts, whether big or small, and one way of making them slightly more interesting than just the ordinary macro-closeup is to put them in a larger context.  In this case a page of The Economist serves well as that larger context.


Photo Analysis Sydney Opera House E-mail

Photo of Sydney Opera House RoofThe Sydney Opera House is probably the most well-known opera house in the world.  The unique architecture is a goldmine for any photographer interested in architecture.  With a unique combination of curves, huge glass windows and a location that any hotel entrepreneur would envy, the Sydney Opera House is a must for anyone who can get there....


Photo Analysis: Statue of Children E-mail

Photo of statue of children - Click for larger version

If you've ever been a tourist you know as well as I that for one reason or another you always end up with lots of pictures of statues.  The same type of statues that when you see them in your everyday life you don't give them a seconds thought.  Also, when most people see their own photos of a statue they often wonder: "why did I shoot that thing?".  So whether you put your friend in the frame or not, taking a decent statue photo should be top priority...

Photo Analysis: Spring Sign E-mail

Photo of bud - Click for larger image Spring is in the air, well, at least in some places, the world is pretty large after all.  For just about every species on earth Spring is all about breaking free.  Whether you're a young american up for "spring break" or you're a bear fed up with your hibernation, or just an office rat who wants to savour your first outdoor beer of the season, it's time to shoot spring signs...


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