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Lethargone - The Gentle Wind E-mail

Lethargone ViewSometimes life throws you a curvball, and you are forced to see life through a different lens. Meeting Erik is one of those curvballs. As we sat for breakfast overlooking the mighty floodplain of the Ayeyarwaddy river from the perch of Lethargone Guest House we quickly decided that this would be our resting place for one day.Some ten years earlier Eric had chosen this very place as his final resting place, the very room we rented was to be his last, and the sunsets and sunrises would count the few remaining days of his life.


Ah yes Italy E-mail

Coloseum“Was it a holiday, she thinks it could have been….ah yes, Italy” (borrowed from Chris Rea, from the album Espresso Logic)

We were all set, a week in Italy, what could that mean if not an abundance of good wine, good food, good sun and good times. Oh, and the occasional photographic opportunity of course. We had 10 days, and they were neatly planned so that we would see Rome, Florence and Venice, the tri-state tour as it were.


La Boca E-mail

La Boca in Buenos aires, one of the poorest and oldest barrios in the city, offers some enchanting caption opportunities of old, derelict but colorful buildings.San Telmo window


Monolith E-mail

Living in a place you often grow blind to the sights and sounds that are just around the corner from where you live.  One of the most well-known sights in Oslo, Norway is the Vigelands park with statues by Gustav Vigeland dating from 1924.   The park depicts the voyage of humans through life, from cradle to the grave.  Happiness, anger, sadness, suffering, merriment, love, hate and all the rest is depicted by hundreds of stone and bronze statues, ranging from tiny to gigantic, with a monolith as a centerpiece, a 14 meter monolith with human bodies cramped together, reaching for the skies.


Tortoise Coming up E-mail

Tortoise coming up for airHere's a rather unique tortoise that lives in a crater in Australia.  They only exist in this water-filled crater in Queensland, who know's maybe they're aliens?  Not only that, they have the unique ability of breathing through their rear as opposed to through the nose or mouth.   A useful trait no doubt.   And also the reason why these three images are hanging on my toilet wall at home, just thought you might appreciate the information...



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